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Our Mission

Select Redevelopment’s mission is to serve as an effective, vertically integrated platform for equity investment in mid-market multifamily real estate development projects.

The company was founded by Travis Seal in 2012 and has built or renovated hundreds of residential housing units in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Please contact us any time for more info on our projects or to discuss opportunities for investment.

The Team

Travis Seal, Principal

Travis has extensive experience in all phases of real estate transactions and development. He leads Select’s team with a vision of de-risking and optimizing the investment process for stakeholders while providing a high-quality, competitively priced product for end users.
Travis holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University and a B.Afrom the University of Texas at Austin.

Derek C., Director of Construction and Development

Derek comes to Select with over a decade of experience running large-scale residential developments for publicly traded
national builders. He oversees all aspects of construction from permits to Certificate of Occupancy

Meagan K., Predevelopment Coordinator

Meagan brings an in-depth knowledge of construction planning, design, and procurement to Select’s development
process. She manages predevelopment operations including architectural design, engineering, materials procurement,
and vendor bids / contracts

Samantha M., Acquisitions Associate

Samantha’s background includes extensive real estate acquisitions experience, as well as years spent with an Ivy
League scientific research team. She is responsible for land acquisition and locating favorable off market deals for

Angela D., Office Manager

Angela is a Philadelphia native with a strong background navigating the City’s many regulatory agencies. She handles all
permit submittals, tax and insurance items, and other back office operations for Select.